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Reach the right target groups with search engine advertising

Ad placement on Google Ads & Bing are an important component of any online marketing strategy. The visible area of search results (SERPs) is dominated by ads. As an SEA agency, we attach great importance to a holistic approach. Because this increases your conversions and saves you money. Click for click.

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More clicks

Good ad texts increase your relevance and your quality factor for the search engine. As a result, your click-through rate (CTR) increases while the click price (CPC) decreases.

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More customers

Become more visible and attractive to your customers with good content and optimized landing pages.

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More conversions

Convey a good feeling to your visitors and convince them as an expert in your industry. This is how interested parties become paying customers.

Our search engine marketing improves your competitive position

As an SEA agency, we make sure that you are delivered with your ads on Google and Co. For this With our measures, we make more out of your budget with our experience and analysis - efficiently and measurably. In online marketing, Google Ads are an important component of an online marketing strategy. The visible area of search results (SERPs) is dominated by ads. After all, Google's business model is to sell advertising space for matching search queries. The trick is that you only pay for the click when users click on your ad. The price of a click is determined, among other things, by the quality factor of your landing page per keyword! If your landing page is optimized and has a high quality factor, then you can even pay less for the first place than your much less optimized competitor for his second place.

As an SEA agency, we therefore attach importance to a consistent approach. This increases your conversions and saves you money. Click for click.

Promote your service - with Google & Bing Ads

SEA agency - advertise services with ads

In each of our projects, we check the current state, optimization level and structure of your ads or Adwords accounts. In addition, we examine the structure, the performance of the ads and the keyword selection. Our experience as an SEA agency shows that there is still something to be gained from every Ads account. We do not build your ads account according to gut feeling, but in a structured and analytical way. This saves us time and effort in the long run when managing and scaling your accounts, campaigns and ad groups. With Google Shopping, our approach of structured product feed and granular product work helps you in your account. Be it more clicks, a lower price per click (CPC) or increasing your conversions. You should only pay for usable clicks.

Increase awareness on the web - with display ads


Display ads combine branding and performance.

Place display ads on websites that your target group visits. We create custom banners for you that play based on your audience's search intent. On the Display Network, we target your ads based on demographics, subject areas, interests, and websites visited. Lead visitors to your website back to your service.

SEA Agency - Increase awareness with display ads

Staying in the memory of visitors - with reMarketing

SEA agency - Stay in visitors' memory with remarketing

Remarketing campaigns are ideal for staying in the minds of visitors and increasing your conversion rates. With us as a professional SEA agency, we address your target group tailor-made and with the performance desired by the user. Influence the buying decision of your customers by being remembered again and again. And by selecting only suitable marketing channels, we save you money. Many SEA agencies work with the watering can principle instead of playing out your ads with pinpoint accuracy. True to the motto a lot helps a lot. In addition, visitors are also tracked who were only on your site for a second and show no interest at all. We align your remarketing so that it is only displayed to visitors who have shown real interest, for whom your services promise real added value and who have not yet performed the desired action. 

We can recognize website visitors and thus potential customers through implemented tracking codes (Google Ads and Facebook) on your site and feed them targeted content again.

We decide which way your target groups will be re-exposed to your content based on your needs and profitability. 

Targeting online ads - with brains and SEA strategy


Opportunities to place ads on the Internet are a dime a dozen. And what if your target group prefers skiing? With an ad strategy, you focus your advertising on the channels and place that fit your target group. For this we use our experience in the:

  • affiliate marketing
  • Banner Marketing
  • social media marketing
  • Email Marketing/Newsletter Marketing
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA)
  • Promoted Content Marketing

We develop the ads strategy that suits you and promises you the highest success (ROI). In the process, we have found: Focusing on two to three channels, works surprisingly more than getting lost on all advertising channels. Together we will find the networks you should play on. For more visitors, customers and conversions.

SEA Agency - Targeted advertising with brains and strategy

SEA agency for more leads and conversions

You can still get something out of every (Google) Ads account. We check the adjusting screws of the advertising accounts with regard to goals, industry and target group. To do this, we examine every detail, from the structure to each individual keyword and derive tailored optimizations.

We offer an initial assessment free of charge as part of a non-binding consultation. So that your ads perform better.

Targeted traffic

You only attract the visitors and customers that promise you sales.

Ongoing tracking

Lead generation, conversion funel and the synchronization with Google Analytics. We show you the paths your visitors take and remove obstacles.

Flexible advertising budget

We only use your budget in promising places. In addition, you decide how much possible wastage is worth to you and where you cast your advertising net.

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