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Good web design influences both the Google ranking and the success of ads campaigns significantly. The algorithms of search engines respond positively to websites that convince the user in terms of responsiveness, design and navigation structure. Good web design significantly improves the visibility in the organic SERPs. Who relies on a mature and timely web design, therefore scores twice.

Good web design is just as important for the landing pages that are hidden behind the ads. The more they correspond to the user intention, the higher the search engine giant Google classifies them and credits this to the ad quality. As a result, the click price decreases and you can have a significant influence on the pricing of your ads. With good web design and a lower budget, you can get hold of highly visible advertising space. Because what happens after the click is crucial.

web design agency

More traffic

Good web design improves user experience and increases your relevance to the search engine, which in turn brings you more traffic.

web design agency

Longer retention time

Become more visible and attractive to your customers with good content and optimized landing pages.

web design agency

Lower bounce rates

Convey a good feeling to your visitors and convince them as an expert in your industry. This is how interested parties become paying customers.

Increase the user experience -
with attractive web design

In addition to the ads, the quality of the landing pages that users are redirected to when they click on the ad is just as important. And that brings us to the topic: What does it look like behind the search result and the Google ads? Are you presenting your potential customers with exactly what the ads promise? If not, visitors - especially potential new customers - will quickly bounce. This bounce rate is also registered by Google. The result: the quality score of the ads drops, the ad is devalued and slips further down the SERPs. As a result, the visibility index drops, the click price increases and the advertising campaign was a wasted effort. Always show your product or service from the best side.

With five web design elements we influence the user experience and PPC performance decisively. For example, we start with a striking, meaningful headline on an emotional (background) image. This kind of elevator pitch shows your visitor right away what to expect on this site. In the best case, it captivates him rationally (headline) and emotionally (image) at the same time. Would you like to learn more? Contact us and we will show you how to get more out of your website.

Intuitive web design - with proven concepts


Intuitive web design means, above all, that users don't have to think to use your website and get to their destination. They are left with around 10 to 20 secondsto convince your visitors that they are right on your website. If you manage to do that, your visitors will stay for up to several minutes, otherwise they will be gone and pretty much never come back. Intuitive web design adheres to certain conventions and best practices. On the one hand, this makes websites more similar, but at the same time, certain web design conventions have become accepted for a reason. For example, clicking on the logo leads to the homepage or the navigation is fixed and always visible, so that the user can always orientate himself quickly and find contact points. 

Intuitive web design offers as few hurdles and inhibitions as possible. So that your visitors are guided to the result you want.

Responsive web design - with WordPress


Responsive design uses a flexible layout that adapts to different sizes and orientations. Your responsive website is created to correspond with the resolution of the device. Mobile usage and mobile search queries now take up around 60 % of browsing traffic. This is where the mobile-first paradigm comes from. Your website must remain navigable and user-friendly on smaller screens. Responsive web design provides you with images, navigation structures and text that are adapted for your mobile users. Therefore, we use the latest web standards in the development of the web design HTML5CSS3 and JavaScript

Our responsive web design follows the user and adapts the display to his device.

Attractive web design - with images and accents


Web design is not only about the technical structure, but also about an appealing look. Convey information in a clear and well-structured way, ensure a good user experience with fast loading times on all devices and convey your information and call-to-actions in small chunks. Users are quite used to scrolling vertically on websites, as long as they realize that additional and relevant information exists further down the content page. At the same time, no one wants to find so-called text deserts. Therefore, the balancing act of an attractive web design is to give your user the feeling to get all necessary information and at the same time to loosen up your content with attractive web design through colors, contrast, animations, interactions, arrows and images.

Interactive web design - with addons


When it comes to interactive web design, some people think back to the days when Flash animations provided entertainment and effects. Instead of big effects, nowadays it is the so-called micro-interactions that make your website interactive and the user guidance attractive. Interactive web design especially includes hover effects, which give the user feedback when hovering over an element. For example, links change color and the mouse pointer changes, buttons change color and become larger, or images and text fly in when the area is scrolled. These microinteractions have been proven to increase the user experience in all the places where the user can interact with your website. And it's these microinteractions that can differentiate your website. The more compelling your interactions make them, the more fluid it feels and the better the user experience.

Web design agency for your success

New website, landing page or business card for existing customers - we say what performs well and what has already failed miserably.

As a web design agency, we not only create modern and effective websites, but we also emphasize responsive design. So that the experience of your visitors is equally good on all devices, such as smartphone, tablet, Mac and computer. We present first design proposals after a short time. Already in a few weeks your individual website is online. 

define goals

You want to generate visitors, get more calls, get more registrations or simply have a professional business card on the Internet? We find the best way for every goal.

Working out elements

The abundance of possibilities is endless. Not everything always makes sense. We work out the most important call-to-actions, teasers and conversion elements.

Realize web design

From the first draft (sketch) to the finished website. We keep you up to date and beyond.

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