Why is WordPress so successful?

With over 75 million active users and 400 million website hits per month, WordPress is easily the largest blogging platform in the world. But why should you choose WordPress for your business website? The short answer is: it works.
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The reasons why WordPress is so popular

WordPress that started as a simple CMS (Content Management System) has become one of the leading platforms for blogs and websites. The reason why WordPress has become so popular is its simple, easy-to-use design and extensive support for all kinds of plugins and themes. And the best thing about WordPress is that it is extremely SEO friendly. This is why many people use WordPress for their business sites.

WordPress is easy to use

WordPress started as a simple CMS (Content Management System) and has evolved into a powerful platform with hundreds of thousands of plugins you can add to your theme. So why would you want to use WordPress for your business website in the first place? The most popular reason is pretty simple: it's easy. Once you install your plug-in or theme, all you have to do is select the post and every time you make a change, that post will automatically update. WordPress updates itself automatically and is constantly improving its functionality and security levels, making your job easier and your business website more secure.

WordPress offers everything

The second reason WordPress is so popular is because of its user-friendly design and advanced features. Whether you want to create a blog, an SEO optimized website, an e-commerce website or any kind of digital marketing platforms, WordPress offers Everything. Some of the great things that made WordPress so popular when it was first released are its great admin panel, great themes and plugins, and a great user experience.

WordPress is extremely SEO friendly

A good example of a very popular plugin is SEOPress. This is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly identify all your backlinks, blog posts, keywords and more. With this plugin, you will also get regular updates about the new top ranking pages for various things like SEO, article submissions and more. Another popular plugin called All in One SEO Optimizer also helps you optimize your content and blog posts by finding relevant keywords and keyword phrases for each page. With this plugin, you can see which keywords and phrases are performing well and which are performing less well. There are many other plugins about it that will make your life easier.

Easy to customize

If you're wondering why WordPress is so popular, it's probably because it's 100% open-source. WordPress started out as a very simple blogging platform and over time has evolved into a complete system consisting of thousands of different themes and plugins that allow for everything from a simple blog to fully featured websites. Because of its open source nature, WordPress has been developed by and for the community, which allows it to adapt its code whenever there is a need. Many people love this about WordPress because it is very easy to customize your websites and make them SEO friendly.

WordPress offers a huge range of themes

If you are new to blogging, you need to know that blogs require some sort of styling to be search engine friendly. The right coding can make or break your website. Fortunately, many people like to use pre-made themes. If you don't want to spend the time to create your own theme, you can choose from hundreds of different free WordPress themes. These themes are great because they have everything you need to create a high-quality blog and SEO-friendly website. However, you should choose your theme carefully because like every other aspect of WordPress, the different pre-built themes usually have their own plugins and coding, which means you may have to do some extra work, to customize your website.

Template systems make WordPress popular 

The most important part of WordPress is of course the code itself, but in addition to the code, there are many different components that website owners should look at. The template system is the first thing most people will want to customize. By default, WordPress has a great theme system that allows users to choose from thousands of different templates to suit their needs. While these are great for beginners, if you are more advanced, you should try one of the many themes available on the official website. The template system is also extremely helpful when adding new plugins, as it automatically generates the code needed for the plugin, ensuring that your website is SEO friendly.

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